Table Tennis Week Immersion – 14 to 18 yo

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Table Tennis Week Immersion – 14 to 18 yo

The goal of this table tennis program, also known as a ping pong program, is to provide a deep immersion to beginners and teach them some of the following basic strokes that players use to control the ball and outmaneuver their opponents, such as:

  • Forehand Drive: This is the most common and basic stroke in table tennis. The player hits the ball on the forehand side with a smooth forward motion, using the entire arm to generate power and spin.
  • Backhand Drive: Similar to the forehand drive, the backhand drive is executed on the opposite side of the table with the backhand. The player swings the arm forward, making contact with the ball and producing speed and spin.
  • Forehand Topspin: In this stroke, the player generates topspin by brushing the ball with a slightly closed racket angle. The forward and upward motion imparts spin and causes the ball to dip on the opponent’s side of the table.
  • Backhand Topspin: Similar to the forehand topspin, the backhand topspin involves generating topspin with a backhand stroke. Players use a combination of wrist and arm movement to create spin and power.
  • Forehand Loop: The loop is an aggressive attacking stroke used when the ball is higher or has more spin. The player uses a bigger backswing and an upward brushing motion to create heavy topspin and send the ball deep into the opponent’s court.
  • Backhand Loop: Similar to the forehand loop, the backhand loop is executed on the backhand side. It requires good timing and coordination to generate topspin and maintain control.
  • Forehand Push: The push is a defensive stroke used when the opponent plays a short or low ball. The player uses a short, controlled forward motion to keep the ball low over the net, often with backspin.
  • Backhand Push: Similar to the forehand push, the backhand push is executed on the backhand side. It is used to return short and low balls with control and precision.
  • Forehand Block: The block is a defensive stroke used to counter the opponent’s attacking shots. The player keeps the racket in a passive position and uses a short, controlled motion to redirect the incoming ball.
  • Backhand Block: Similar to the forehand block, the backhand block is executed on the backhand side. It requires good timing and reflexes to block incoming shots effectively.

Students will be introduced to different types of grips. The coach will recommend the most appropriate one based on each student’s aptitude

In general, there are 3 main grips in table tennis: shakehand grip (or European grip), penhold grip (Chinese grip), and Japanese/Korean penhold grip (variation of penhold style). There is also a small variation, like the V-grip (American style) or pistol grip (unorthodox style).

Coaches will also focus on the stance and ready position, the basic movement patterns, and the table tennis footwork.


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Type of Class In PersonLocation of Class Broward County, FLLimited Capacity YesMaximum Capacity 5Minimum Capacity 3Waiting List YesMinimum Age 14Maximum Age 18Number of Sessions 6Hours per Session 2Total Hours 12Payment Full payment required prior to the first session
Cancel Before
48 hours of first session
Waiver or Consent
Yes, at check out
Notes The table tennis classes provide participants with essential materials such as paddles, balls, and other necessary equipment. However, participants are required to bring their own suitable and comfortable sport attire, including shorts and tennis shoes. It is also advised to bring water, a snack and a small towel for personal use during the class.

Dates of Sessions

  • First 3 weeks of the month, 2 classes a week or 6 classes - Full package to be taken within first 3 weeks.

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