UKE Customer Agreement

CUSTOMER AGREEMENT (Age Consent and Waiver)

“UKE”” shall mean Ultimate Kids Experience, LLC. which owns and operates the 3rd Party Web Based Platform “Ultimate Kids Experience,” an online platform offering premium activities and experiences packages (both virtually and in-person) through its contracted providers for Customers on the website located at URL:

“UKE Platform” shall mean the 3rd Party Web Based Platform “Ultimate Kids Experience,” located on the web site URL:

“Provider” shall mean the individual or entity which will provide its Services to Customers through the use of UKE Platform.

“Customer” shall mean the child(ren) or the child(ren) biological parent or legal guardian if under the age of eighteen (18), who, by booking a Package Offer and executing this Customer Agreement will be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.

If the participant is under the age of eighteen (18) years old, the Customer agreeing to this waiver acknowledges that he/she/they is/are the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of the Customer and is/are entitled to the sole and complete custody, care and control of the participant and, furthermore, is/are entitled to contract or consent to this Agreement.

The Customer, after selecting a Package Offer on the UKE Platform, and having read this Agreement, and understanding the obligations, UKE terms and conditions set forth therein, hereby expressly approve(s) of, consent(s) and agree(s) to same.

By clicking “Agree” the Customer agrees to be fully bound to the terms and conditions set forth herein, and to participate or have their child/children participate in the activity, program or experience selected by Customer as a Package Offer on the UKE Platform, and, at Customer’s expense, bring the clothing and equipment necessary to comply with the activity requirements of the Provider, as more fully set forth on the UKE Platform.

The Customer has carefully considered the dangers or risk(s) associated or involved in any activity, program or experience included in the Package Offer, understands that participation in same could involve risk of personal injury, including death, due to the physical, mental, and emotional challenges which could be associated with the activities or experiences which are part of the Package Offer. In the event of athletic, educational, or other activities, by Customer’s mere participation, UKE does not make any guaranty of any future results, rewards, success, achievements. The Customer hereby fully and completely releases and waives any and all claims for personal injury, death, or loss that may arise against UKE.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that all classes included in the Package Offer must be completed within the time frame specified on the Package Recap Grid, which can be found on the UKE website, failing which the Customer may forfeit any remaining classes without entitlement to a refund or rescheduling.

Customer hereby acknowledges that they have read and understand UKE’s Payment Options, UKE’s Terms & Conditions  (which namely relates to UKE’s Cancellation Policy and Rescheduling Policy) and agrees to be bound by same.

Customer hereby acknowledges that Provider has provided UKE with a description of the activities and experiences which make up the Package Offer which Customer has selected through use of the UKE Platform and agrees that UKE shall not be held responsible or liable for any and all claims or damages which may or could result from any discrepancies between the Package Offer description and the services rendered by Provider.

In the event that the Provider of any activity, program or experience has its own waiver form that Provider will require Customer to execute prior to participation in the Package Offer, Customer agrees to execute Provider’s waiver form if required by Provider.

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