College / Scholarship Application Advising


College / Scholarship Application Advising

I am offering a 10 session package that offers a comprehensive exploration of the college application process. This package is designed to be flexible, allowing you and your child to decide how to allocate the time between the different elements of the process.

In our sessions, we could focus on any or all of the following:

  • College Selection: Assisting your child in researching and selecting colleges that align with their academic, career, and personal goals. This will involve evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of various institutions, understanding the culture and opportunities they provide, and making a strategic selection that enhances your child’s chances of admission.
  • Application Strategy: Developing an effective strategy for the application process, including advice on when to apply (Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision), how to allocate time and resources among various applications, and how to position oneself for the best chance of success.
  • Activity List and Resume Building: Helping your child to create a compelling activity list and resume that showcases their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and unique experiences. We will focus on presenting this information in a clear, concise, and engaging manner that stands out to admissions officers.
  • Scholarship Search and Applications: Guiding your child in identifying scholarship opportunities, understanding the requirements, and crafting successful applications. This process will include refining essays and preparing for interviews, if applicable.
  • Essay Drafting or Editing: Providing guidance on brainstorming, drafting, and refining college application essays, including the Common App personal essay, supplemental essays, and scholarship essays. I will assist your child in finding their unique voice and presenting their story in a compelling way that resonates with admissions officers.
  • Interview Preparation: Offering mock interviews and feedback to prepare your child for college or scholarship interviews. We will focus on improving communication skills, answering common interview questions effectively, and presenting oneself confidently.


The schedule and content of each session will be customized according to your child’s needs and priorities. Whether you would like to dedicate all the time to essay revision, focus on scholarship applications, or divide the time evenly among all the elements, the flexibility of this package allows for a personalized approach to the college application process. Regular progress updates will be provided to ensure that you are informed of your child’s progress and can make adjustments as needed.


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Type of Class VirtualLocation of Class ON-LINELimited Capacity YesMaximum Capacity 1Minimum Capacity 1Waiting List YesMinimum Age 16Maximum Age 18Number of Sessions 10Hours per Session 2Total Hours 20Payment Full payment required prior to the first session
Cancel Before
All sessions reimbursed prior to 48 hours before the first session. Unused sessions can be reimbursed between the second and third session. [SEE CANCELLATION POLICY FOR DETAILS].
Waiver or Consent
Yes, at check out

Dates of Sessions

  • Session days and times to be coordinated with teacher. 1 session per week: full package to be taken within 10 weeks - All year round

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