Calculus Immersion


Calculus Immersion


Conquering Calculus

I am offering a 10 session package to help high schoolers improve their grades and understanding within their math classes (Pre-Calculus, Calculus I/AB, or Calculus II/BC). This tutoring package is designed to provide a more personalized and in-depth approach to a calculus course, with a focus on fundamental comprehension and problem-solving techniques.

  • Each session will consist of a detailed review of school lessons and homework, along with additional practice problems and exam preparation to enhance understanding and improve problem-solving abilities. This will be specifically tailored to each student’s learning style and curriculum.
  • The curriculum will be tailored to each student’s current level of understanding and their school’s curriculum, ensuring they are well-prepared for upcoming exams and can keep pace with their class.
  • Additionally, students will learn studying, memorization, and exam strategies for long-term success, such as how to effectively manage their time during exams and improve their study habits. They will be guided on how to effectively utilize online educational resources, including lessons, study guides, and instructional videos to support their learning outside of tutoring sessions and for the rest of their academic careers.
  • Regular progress assessments will be conducted to identify areas of improvement and adjust the study plan accordingly.
  • Parent short reports will be provided after each session, detailing the student’s progress, areas of improvement, and next steps in their learning journey

Calculus Curriculum: 

  • Comprehending trigonometry, including angles, the unit circle, trigonometric functions, and trigonometric identities and equations
  • Manipulating conic sections, including circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, and parabolas-Understanding limits, continuity, and differentiability of functions
  • Calculating derivatives and their applications, including optimization, related rates, and curve sketching
  • Integrating functions and their applications, including area, volume, and average value
  • Understanding the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and its applications
  • Polar coordinates and parametric equations, including graphing and finding derivatives and integrals in these coordinate systems
  • Solving differential equations, including separable, linear, and homogeneous equations
  • Sequences and series, including convergence tests, Taylor series, power series representations of functions, and their applications in approximating functions and solving differential equations


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Type of Class VirtualLocation of Class ON-LINELimited Capacity YesMaximum Capacity 1Minimum Capacity 1Waiting List YesMinimum Age 13Maximum Age 18Number of Sessions 10Hours per Session 1.5Total Hours 15Payment Full payment required prior to the first session
Cancel Before
BEFORE 48 hours of 1st session (all sessions reimbursed) - AFTER 2nd session and BEFORE 3rd session (unused sessions reimbursed) [SEE CANCELLATION POLICY FOR DETAILS]
Waiver or Consent
Yes, at check out

Dates of Sessions

  • Session days and times to be coordinated with teacher. 1 session per week: full package to be taken within 10 weeks - All year long

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