Public Speaking with Aum

Public Speaking with Aum

About Aum

Hi! My name is Aum, and I am an incoming freshman at Princeton University looking to major in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. I graduated high school at the top of my class, and won numerous international, national, and state competitions, including DECA ICDC, ISEF, Invention Convention Globals, HOSA, FIRST Robotics, Congressional App Challenge, and National Beta Nationals. I have been featured on Forbes, elected Governor at Boys State, and recognized as an Amazon Future Engineer Scholar. I was also involved in my school’s Student Government, Varsity Swim Team, Mu Alpha Theta, Science National Honor Society, and National Honor Society, through which I held leadership positions. In this immersion program, I would love to share my passion for competitive speaking and help develop leadership skills.


Every Package comes with a complimentary initial meeting with parents and students, aimed at comprehending the student’s interests and developing customized lesson plans that will effectively engage the student(s).

Classes are provided online using Zoom, Facetime, or Google Meet.

Days and times are to be coordinated with the teacher. However, the full package must be taken within the designated two-week timeframe. Adhering to a consistent and disciplined approach is crucial to fully maximize the advantages offered by this package.

In classes with two or more participants, it is important for students to possess a reasonably similar level of prior experience. This ensures that all participants are actively involved and feel comfortable with the lesson’s pace. It is worth noting that tutoring two or three children together can significantly improve learning outcomes by fostering social interaction and collaboration.


Please be aware that the tutor cannot guarantee any future results, rewards, success, or achievements as part of the package.

The success of tutoring sessions greatly depends on the student’s active participation, commitment, and dedication. Although the tutor will offer thorough instruction, practice, and assistance, the ultimate results of the sessions will be influenced by the student’s personal investment and involvement in the learning journey. The tutoring package aims to equip students with essential resources, tools, and direction to enhance their abilities and understanding in particular subjects.

The effectiveness of the sessions depends on the student’s active involvement, fulfilling assigned tasks, practicing outside of sessions, and actively engaging in the learning activities
provided by the teacher. It is essential for the student to be prepared for each session and maintain an enthusiastic attitude towards their learning.


Competitive Public Speaking

Location ON-LINE
Limited Capacity Yes
Minimum Capacity 1
Maximum Capacity 3
Minimum Age 12
Maximum Age 16
Number of Sessions 10
Hours per Session 1.5
Total Hours 15


  • Session days and times to be agreed with teacher - 2 sessions per week: full package to be taken within 5 weeks.
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