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About Rosa

Hi! My name is Rosa, and I am an incoming student at Harvard University. I graduated high school in the top 1% of my class, and won many national speech and debate awards, including 1st place at the international Taiwan Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth Mandarin Contest. I have been also recognized as a US Presidential Scholar Semifinalist and National Merit Scholar for my academic and extracurricular achievements. Having lived in China when I was younger, I am fluent in Chinese and have taught it to kids of various age groups every weekend for several years at my local Chinese school. At school, I also took Chinese as my language course requirement, concluding with the highest score of 5 on the AP Chinese Exam. Through this immersion program, I would love to introduce the language and culture to you!


Each Package includes a complimentary introductory meeting with parents and students to understand the student’s interests and to create personalized lesson plans that will fully challenge and excite the student(s).

The class is an intermediate course targeted at students who have some introductory knowledge of Mandarin and hope to improve their skills.

Classes are provided online using Zoom, Facetime, or Google Meet. An IPad with the latest software update is recommended for the most efficient interactions.

Days and times are to be coordinated with the teacher. However, the full package must be taken within the defined time frame. A consistent and disciplined approach is key to maximizing the benefits of these packages.

Classes are designed to be interactive and engaging, with teaching methods tailored to each student’s learning style. Regular feedback will be provided to ensure students are making progress and to address any areas of difficulty.


The teacher does not make any guarantee of any future results, rewards, success, or achievements as part of the package.

While the teacher will provide comprehensive instruction, practice, and support, the ultimate outcome of the sessions will be influenced by the student’s individual effort and engagement in the learning process. The tutoring package is designed to provide students with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to improve their skills and knowledge in the targeted areas. However, the success of the sessions relies on the student’s active participation, practice, and willingness to learn.


Chinese Mandarin immersion

Location ON-LINE
Limited Capacity Yes
Minimum Capacity 1
Maximum Capacity 3
Minimum Age 6
Maximum Age 12
Number of Sessions 10
Hours per Session 1.5
Total Hours 15


  • Session days and times to be agreed with teacher - 1 or 2 sessions per week: full package to be taken within respectively 5 or 10 weeks - All year round
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