Chinese Mandarin immersion


Chinese Mandarin immersion

Course Overview: The Mandarin Chinese Tutoring Immersion Program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide children with an immersive and engaging learning experience in Mandarin Chinese. Through interactive activities, games, and cultural exploration, this program aims to develop children’s language proficiency, cultural understanding, and overall enthusiasm for learning Mandarin. This package engages students by sharing aspects of the Chinese culture and provides a more personalized and extensive approach to a Mandarin language course than traditional tutoring does. 

Course Duration: 10 sessions.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce children to the fundamentals of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and tones.
  • Develop children’s vocabulary and sentence structure through thematic units.
  • Enhance listening and speaking skills through interactive conversations and activities.
  • Foster reading and writing abilities through age-appropriate texts and exercises.
  • Cultivate cultural awareness and appreciation for Chinese customs and traditions.
  • Encourage active participation and collaboration through group activities and projects.
  • Provide a supportive and engaging learning environment for children to build confidence in using Mandarin.


Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction to Mandarin Chinese
• Basic greetings and self-introduction
• Pinyin system and pronunciation practice
• Introduction to tone recognition and pronunciation

Week 2: Numbers and Colors
• Counting numbers and using them in context
• Learning basic colors and describing objects
• Vocabulary expansion through games and interactive exercises

Week 3: Family and Friends
• Vocabulary related to family members and relationships
• Expressing feelings and emotions
• Role-playing activities to practice conversations

Week 4: Daily Routine and Time
• Discussing daily activities and routines
• Telling time and scheduling events
• Interactive exercises to reinforce vocabulary and sentence structures

Week 5: Food and Drinks
• Exploring Chinese cuisine and popular dishes
• Ordering food and drinks in Mandarin
• Role-playing restaurant scenarios

Week 6: Animals and Nature
• Vocabulary related to animals, plants, and nature
• Describing habitats and characteristics
• Creating a nature-themed project or presentation

Week 7: Holidays and Festivals
• Learning about traditional Chinese holidays and festivals
• Vocabulary related to celebrations and customs
• Exploring cultural activities and creating festive crafts

Week 8: Transportation and Directions
• Vocabulary for transportation modes and directions
• Role-playing travel scenarios and giving directions
• Exploring Chinese cities and landmarks

Week 9: Hobbies and Leisure Activities
• Discussing hobbies and interests
• Vocabulary related to sports, music, and arts
• Participating in group activities related to children’s interests

Week 10: Final Project and Cultural Presentation
• Culminating project to showcase language skills and cultural understanding
• Group presentation on a Chinese cultural topic of interest
• Certificates of completion and celebration of achievements


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Type of Class VirtualLocation of Class ON-LINELimited Capacity YesMaximum Capacity 3Minimum Capacity 1Minimum Age 6Maximum Age 12Number of Sessions 10Hours per Session 1.5Total Hours 15Payment Full payment required prior to the first session
Cancel Before
BEFORE 48 hours of 1st session (all sessions reimbursed) - AFTER 2nd session and BEFORE 3rd session (unused sessions reimbursed) [SEE CANCELLATION POLICY FOR DETAILS]
Waiver or Consent
Yes, at check out
Notes Add a 2nd student and save 10% per student - Add a 3rd student and save 20% per student - Ideally same grade / same level - All students need to be part of the same transaction for discount to apply.

Dates of Sessions

  • Session days and times to be agreed with teacher - 1 or 2 sessions per week: full package to be taken within respectively 5 or 10 weeks - All year round

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