Coding with Sarah: Artificial Intelligence

Coding with Sarah: Artificial Intelligence

About Sarah

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I have been teaching computer science (Python, Java, C, and AI) for the past 3 years to hundreds of young children and teenagers of all skill sets within private classes, nonprofits, and schools. I am a recently-graduated 18 year old student who will be attending MIT to study computer science and entrepreneurship next fall. Recently, I completed and graduated from the computer science pre-professional program at American Heritage—one of the most highly-ranked private high schools in the nation—earning distinction as one of the top ten students of my graduating class and as the most outstanding student in the computer science program. In addition, I have completed dozens of Artificial Intelligence-related projects, including an AI internship with ALTEN (ranked 3rd globally in engineering service providers) and including many other projects in the domains of natural language processing, robotics, computer vision, finance, and business analytics.

I hope to provide your child with a well-rounded, application-based immersion into the breadth and depth of computer science!


I will offer 1 package in 2023: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for 7/8th graders or high-schooler(s).

Each Package includes a complimentary introductory meeting with parents and students to understand the student’s interests and prior programming/mathematical experience and to create personalized lesson plans that will fully challenge and excite the student(s).

Classes are provided online using Zoom or Google Meet. A computer with reliable Internet connection, preferably one that is able to download software, is required for this course. Students do not need extensive prior programming experience, but they must have basic computer skills and be able to type efficiently.

Days and times are to be coordinated with the teacher. However, a minimum of 1 to 2 classes needs to be taken each week in order to maximize results and ensure that the full package is taken within the defined time frame.

For classes with two or more participants, students should have a somewhat similar level of background programming experience, so that they will all be engaged and comfortable with the pace of the lessons. Group tutoring allows for more varied perspectives and experiences to be shared, which can enrich the learning experience for everyone involved.


The teacher does not make any guarantee of any future results, rewards, success, or achievements as part of the tutoring package.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of the tutoring sessions depends greatly on the effort, dedication, and commitment of the student. While the teacher will provide comprehensive instruction, practice, and support, the ultimate outcome of the tutoring sessions will be influenced by the student’s individual effort and engagement in the learning process. The tutoring package is designed to provide students with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to improve their skills and knowledge in the targeted areas. However, the success of the tutoring sessions relies on the student’s active participation, practice, and willingness to learn. It is important for the student to come prepared for each session, complete assigned tasks, practice outside of the tutoring sessions, and actively engage in the learning activities provided by the teacher.


Artificial Intelligence Immersion

Location ON-LINE
Limited Capacity Yes
Minimum Capacity 1
Maximum Capacity 3
Minimum Age 12
Maximum Age 18
Number of Sessions 10
Hours per Session 1.5
Total Hours 15


  • Session days and times to be agreed with teacher - 1 or 2 sessions per week: full package to be taken within 10 weeks - All year round
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