Finance Foundations


Finance Foundations

Finance/Economics class content:

  • Session 1:
    – Investment industry
    – Ethics and investment professionalism
    – Regulation, regulatory processes
  • Session 2:
    – Quantitative concepts
    – Time value of money
    – Interest
  • Session 3
    – Macro/micro economics
    – Monetary and fiscal policy
    – Supply and demand
  • Session 4:
    – International economics
    – Exchange rates
    – Currencies
    – How countries interact with each other
  • Session 5:
    -Financial statements
    -Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement
    -Financial ratios (i.e current ratio, quick ratio, ROA, etc.)
  • Session 6:
    – Debt securities (bonds)
    – Key features (par value, coupon rate, maturity date)
    – Yield Curve
  • Session 7:
    – Equity securities (stocks)
    – Key features (life, par value, voting rights, cash flow rights)
  • Session 8:
    – Derivatives
    – Types of derivatives (forwards, futures, options, swaps)
    – Differences between types of derivatives
  • Session 9:
    – Alternative investments
    – Private equity, real estate, commodities
    – Why investors buy alternative investments
  • Session 10:
    – Investment vehicles and management
    – Direct vs indirect investments
    – Active management vs passive management
    – Functioning of financial markets
    – Primary markets and secondary markets
  • Session 11:
    – Risk management
    – Risk assessment (risk matrices, risk measures)
  • Session 12:
    – Performance evaluation
    – Sharpe and Treynor ratios
    – Relative returns

The teacher reserves the right to modify the curriculum content.


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