Entrepreneurship Essentials


Entrepreneurship Essentials

Entrepreneurship class content:

  • Session 1:
    – Noticing a problem
    – Brainstorming
    – Ideation process
  • Session 2:
    – Opportunity/market evaluation
    – Industry analysis
    – Finding a niche
  • Session 3:
    – Engineering/prototyping/product development
    – Introduction to prototyping software
    – Supply chain management
  • Session 4:
    – Competitive analysis
    – Evaluating the competition
    – Finding economic moats / advantages
  • Session 5:
    – Price construction
    – Supply demand equilibrium
    – Finding the “perfect” price
    – Revenue maximization
  • Session 6:
    – Strategy (market segmentation, capitalization)
    – How to introduce your product to the market
    – Strategic partnerships and vendors
  • Session 7:
    – Financial analysis (3 year and 5 year)
    – Cash flow analyses
    – Evaluating costs and revenue streams
  • Session 8:
    – Marketing
    – SEO Optimization
    – Social Media Campaigns
  • Session 9:
    – Business model creation
    – Development, commercialization, liquidity and exit
    – “Putting it all together”
  • Session 10:
    – Creating investor pitch decks
    – Capital need + use of proceeds
    – How to market your company to investors’

The teacher reserves the right to modify the curriculum content.


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Type of Class VirtualLocation of Class ON-LINELimited Capacity YesMaximum Capacity 3Minimum Capacity 1Minimum Age 14Maximum Age 18Number of Sessions 10Hours per Session 1.5Total Hours 15Payment Full payment required prior to the first session
Cancel Before
BEFORE 48 hours of 1st session (all sessions reimbursed) - AFTER 2nd session and BEFORE 3rd session (unused sessions reimbursed) [SEE CANCELLATION POLICY FOR DETAILS]
Waiver or Consent
Yes, at check out
Notes Add a 2nd student and save 10% per student - Add a 3rd student and save 20% per student - Ideally same grade / same level - All students need to be part of the same transaction for discount to apply.

Dates of Sessions

  • Session days and times to be agreed with teacher - 2 sessions per week: full package to be taken within 5 weeks.

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